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Project - technical report


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1. Building site

Chaloupkova 7, Brno - Královo Pole, Czech Republic.

2. Intended Usage

The project is based on the pressing to establish a district centre for counselling and educational activities for blind and partially sighted citizens. The investment represents a major step towards increasing the range and quality of provided care and services. The project reflects experiences of similar centres in the Central Europe. The suggested technical equipment and flexible disposition make it possible to provide a variety of services and to hold educational courses for the blind which should facilitate their integration into society.

A building permit has been issued by the pertinent municipal and so it possible to start building work immediately, once a contractor has been chosen.

3. Present situation

The current premises do not meet the requirements for a modern centre for the blind. The movement within the premises is complicated, as the disposition is not convenient for people with limited movement abilities. The building is damp and the heating, electric and gas lines as well as the whole roof, are in extremely poor condition. There is insufficient space to offer necessary social services.

4. Disposition

The new building has a basement floor and four above - ground floors and it is oriented into a north-south disposition. The roof of two-floored court part (basement and ground floor) is covered in verdure and is intended to serve as a terrace for relaxation (garden with different herbs and sculptures).

4.1 Basement

The basement can be entered by ramp, into a parking lot fot 8 vehicles. The capacity fully meets the requirements of investor. The parking area has been connected to technological equipment of the premises – small workshop and storage. The rest of the basement contains a staircase, passenger lift and corridors). Furthermore, there is a playroom with storage and cloak-room with sanitary facilities.

4.2 1st floor

On the sides of the main entrance, there is a counselling inut and a shop with aids. You can enter the central corridor from the staircase or the lift. The central corridor leads to the storage with Braille printer, to the wood and metal workshops with storage room, classroom, spacious training kitchen with storage space, multi-purpose boardroom and further storages.

The above mentioned places are illuminated from the top through skylights from the green roof terrace.

4.3 2nd floor - TyfloCentrum Brno

The corridor is widened info a hall. There is an entrance to the terrace (roof in verdure), to headmaster’s of TyfloCentre, to secretary room and to the IT offices of SONS. A separate part of the hall contains toilets for the disabled and an entrance to the classroom.

Rooms of the court tract have loggias.

4.4 3rd floor - Tyfloservice

From the corridor there are entrances to the headmaster’s of Tyfloservice and to the waiting room. A separate part of the hall contains toilets for the disabled and an entrance to the classrooms and to the training kitchen. There is also an office for the instructors.

4.5 4th floor

From the corridor there are entrances to the office of SONS department and to the staff room. In a separate part od the hall there are rooms form the clients with toilets and a meeting room.

4.6 Estimated capacity

5. Architectural solution

Dispositional and architectural solution has been based on the idea of designing a centre of care and services for the blind which is completely functional, equipped by modern technology with a possibility to adapt the place in accordance with future requirements. The construction has been projected with of aim of maximum use of available space. The whole building is barrier-free and allows easy orientation.

The simple mass of the façade is divided with horizontal strips of window, revealing the true function of the building – administration and school facilities needing maximum of light. The window strips are supplemented with hidden textile blinds.

The ground floor has conspicuous apertures (windows, entrance door) with intentionally wide frames (large, visible sports of colour).

6. Environment impact

The building will serve as an educational and administrative centre. Alternative sources of gaining heat (cold), thermal pumps with the system air to air will prevent air pollution. Energetic system of the structure is designed in such a way that it works with passive thermal gains of the building. The green roofs will stabilize the local microclimate.

7. Works costs

The total costs consist of demolition costs of the current building, of costs connected to the securing of surrounded buildings and of building costs proper, including the connection to the infrastructure.

Total costs are estimated at 60 million CZK.

Brno, November 2007

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